Black Ops 2 Zombies – NEW Ranking System Explained – How To Rank Up Fast

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9 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies – NEW Ranking System Explained – How To Rank Up Fast

  1. DSDXgamingHD says:

    a few months ago i was the skulls and i got up to round 75 solo and i ranked up to the knife through skull, then i made a new account got 34,000 kills to 145 downs on my stats and on that account i hadn’t been to a high round and i ended up with the shotguns

  2. DSDXgamingHD says:

    its based on kills to down nothing else i would know because i am shotguns

  3. Miguel Jimenez says:

    you get the blue eyes for how many days you play so if you play Monday through Friday you will have them

  4. Brian Ranta says:

    false, my friend got to wave 76 and he still doesn’t have blue eyes on his skull his average round was around 30 but now its 56 and his rank has not changed can u answer that?

  5. Tactichio says:

    plz take a look at my channel :)

  6. steven Carter says:

    no its

  7. cRaZyKn1F3mAn says:

    its still kills to downs

  8. Inder Redni says:

    They should stop Deranking in zombies. You play it for a while and you get your emblem up and it’s gone the next week. It’s annoying. Good vid though.

  9. byDarts says:


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