14 Replies to “Black Ops 2 Zombies Ranking System l Proof KD is Main Factor NOT High Rounds!”

  1. i have 92288 kills and 609 downs THATS 151 KD!!!! AND NO KNIFE!!!! SOMEBODY HELP I HAVE ROUND 57 SOLO PLAY BURIED AND ROUND 40 TOWN SOLO PLAY AND NO KNIFE HELP!!!!!!!!! GAMERTAG: David Jr 2

  2. i tried to do the tree glitch, i either failed or it was patched. My career stats is 104 kd and my co-op stats is a 138kd. If I can do a glitch, then i can probably increase my kd faster.

  3. you can do buried and go on the tree glitch get lots of points and put them into the ban and go back to the tree keep killing tht way and u will get ur kd up quicker

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