Black Ops 2 Zombies: Ranking System Proof and Q&A! Part 3. What Do YOU Need To Rank UP?

Black Ops 2 Zombies: Ranking System Proof and Q&A! Part 3. What Do YOU Need To Rank UP?

Black Ops 2 Zombies. Ranking System Proof. Ranking System Explained. Q&A! Part 3. What Do I Need To Rank Up? Road To Shotguns. COD. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 …

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14 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies: Ranking System Proof and Q&A! Part 3. What Do YOU Need To Rank UP?

  1. ogforlife2 says:

    I got the knife with the skull at 81 KD today

  2. Charles hargrove says:

    try headshots

  3. bornanevertonian1985 says:

    he has the dagger but when the game ends hell be shotguns and that how you check open the leader boards and press y or triangle you fucking dumb ass

  4. victor alonso says:

    U are fucking liar if you look close at when he opens the leaderboards on the mob of the dead game he has the dagger emblem .l.

  5. william nye says:

    360 gtag is xvili itote itx im at 82k kills with about 470 downs and just got my shotguns. the match i got it from was playing with the usual suckish people pulling in 900 kills no downs then i left the match. boom shotguns. really random yes

  6. MovieeAddiction says:

    32.000 Kills, 24 Downs = still no shotguns the KD theory is bullshit!

  7. MovieeAddiction says:

    i feel with you i have got 32k+ kills now with only 24 downs i played as good as i can and thought i will get it between 15 and 20k but i still have the knife yet and this realy shows me that it has nothing to do with KD my opinion is that it has somethin to do with round like the average you make and as many you played yet! since my main account got it with 26k kills and something about 200 downs

  8. Codzombieslayer69 says:

    kills66151 downs1153 Pure upgrade PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP

  9. Jeremiah Jones says:

    Got my shotguns 2 days after my knife I had around 17k kills and 64 downs. Thanks piff really worked

  10. carterthecow says:

    On my new account i have 30,000 kills and 990 downs 44 kd im at skulls

  11. ThunderGunZombz a.k.a Julian says:

    I get without grief a 509.93 KD (more than Half million kills) But i play so mucj Hardcore Grief an with Grief my KD is 140 :( Did i need 200 total KD or Coop statistik ? Pls need a Answer 😀

  12. Neuwked says:

    For all of those saying that you need a certain amount of kills for shotguns; you don’t. My friend has shotguns with only 12k kills, he’s called MyGuitarSlapsYou and he still only has about 14-15k kills

  13. TriggzKartel says:

    Kurth, i think you need around 25000 kills minimum for shotguns

  14. KurthClaws says:

    PLEASE HELP PIFF! I HAVE 18000 kills and 30 downs. wich is better stats then you have on soapy virus. I still don’t have shotguns! I thought you said with a crazy Kd I would get them sooner. my zombies Kd is 129 better then yours. still no shotguns. (529.4)

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