Black Ops 3 Campaign: Co-Op, Ranking Up, Customization, more! (BO3 Singleplayer Info)

Some information about the singleplayer for you all! Thanks for watching! ○ Theater Mode confirmed in Black Ops 3: ○ Swimming in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer: https://yo…

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19 Responses to Black Ops 3 Campaign: Co-Op, Ranking Up, Customization, more! (BO3 Singleplayer Info)

  1. TmarTn says:

    Black Ops 3 Campaign: Co-Op, Ranking Up, Customization, more!

  2. Barhoomyyy says:

    I only play campaign when I don’t have an wifi.

  3. Brendan Bernard says:

    Is this going to be the last game in the Black Ops series? The MW series only had three games, the original WW2 CODs only had three games, so it would make sense that BO3 was the last in the series (as to not have a never ending series of games). Maybe after this series, there could be a WaW 2, and a WaW 3 which could take place in WW1 and WW2.

  4. Zebro says:

    Skipped school just to watch a video under 301+

  5. Ibrahim AL-Balushi says:

    zombies hype !!!

  6. llVll4J0RK1LL3R says:

    Under 301 

  7. xbox studios says:

    Trevor please respond please, do you know if black ops 3 is on XBOX 360 or PS3?

  8. Blackflare71 says:

    I guess most of my hype for this game will go to the Campaign if the game does have all these new changes.

  9. TheUnmarkedMan says:

    The end is here…

  10. BUZZSAW688 says:

    Will it have Split-Screen if so How Many Split Screen Players?

  11. UnknownUser says:

    I like how CoD introduces things like theater (BO) and co-op campaign (W@W) then they remove it and bring it back again and people think it’s revolutionary/never been seen before.

  12. COOlkid291347 says:

    i just hope there is a Nuketown 2065

  13. MikeTheGamer says:

    You can play BF, then talk about good graphics

  14. David Kennedy says:

    The zombies storyline better continue origins easter egg was a troll! 

  15. Rixx Kumar says:

    Great vid tmartn. Lets hope its true as it is speculation at this stage

  16. Mark Augustin says:

    is bo3 on ps4&xb1… i gotta get brand up to get a ps4 $200 already.. Tmartn can u buy me a ps4 or xbox1 plez… i like ps4 more… can you buy me it.. if u really like u fan or sub..

  17. IM OMEN says:

    Its treyarch guys don’t worry they won’t release a shitty game

  18. tankrulez615 says:

    This is NOT Call of Duty to me.

  19. I am bob says:

    I dont care what people say.. I like the exo suits, takes a little more skill to move around and its just the matter of whoever has the better movement, unlike other CoDs

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