Black Ops 3 Zombies Info: Leveling/Ranking Up System, Death Cards?! (BO3 Zombie Mode)

What do you guys think about a leveling up system in zombies?! ○ Create-a-Camo in Black Ops 3: ○ Lots more Multiplayer and Zombies Info: …

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15 Responses to Black Ops 3 Zombies Info: Leveling/Ranking Up System, Death Cards?! (BO3 Zombie Mode)

  1. TmarTn says:

    Black Ops 3 Zombies Info: Ranking Up System, Death Cards?!

  2. InsaneJoker55 says:


  3. Frankie Joe says:

    That image he’s on about is all over the internet

  4. ByFujiHD says:

    I make gaming video once in a while.

  5. Josue Vasquez says:

    How to make cod zombies hated them smart 2.let them have exos 3.they better be like Eco zombies 4.

  6. Vibe Trance says:

    So death cards are kind of like relics in ghosts extinction mode?

  7. jaten thomas says:

    common where is super cooper update 

  8. MoneyMakingNinja says:

    Where can I watch the world revel?

  9. Nikitacfc says:

    Is the balistic knife in the game or anything similar or the tomahawk? :)

  10. jack king says:

    me after watching the reveal trailer wow advanced warfare 2 look amazing!

  11. MikeRKO316 says:

    Are zombies gonna be included with the main game or are they gonna whore it out as dlc again??

  12. TheOfficialDiexum says:

    How to start a comment war on bo3 videos. 1. say they are exos 2. Call the game trash 3. Let the war commence

  13. TheUnmarkedMan says:

    Blue Destroyer? Is That You?

  14. Giancarlo De La Zerda says:

    The cars is about samantha the eye matches with the pyramid on moon were samantha was changed bodies with richtofen and broke her curse of control with zombies. In the trailer the zombies eyes are yellow which means in buried maxis took control now for BLACK OPS 3

  15. BradyGonzales138 says:

    Idk about this game

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