Black Streak Entertainment to Air Live Q&A Webcast “Black Streak On Air!”

Youngstown, OH (PRWEB) January 21, 2015

Black Streak Entertainment Co-Presidents Justin and Terry L Raimey will be hosting “Black Streak On Air!”, a new live discussion Q&A webcast series. The brothers will discuss provocative issues within the realm of entertainment and pop-culture, such as the lack of racial diversity in comics, video games, YA-books, movies and TV. The first installment of “Black Streak On Air!” will go live on Thursday night at 8 PM EST.

Black Streak Entertainment publishes teen fiction novels, comics, and graphic novels featuring diverse characters of various ethnicities, skin tones, and social backgrounds, including mixed-race characters. Black Streak also produces products like button-pins, stickers and art prints featuring these characters. Every character and published work under the Black Streak Entertainment label are the brainchildren of Justin and Terry L Raimey.

Black Streak Entertainment seeks to do what modern-day mainstream youth entertainment refuses to; that is, to represent kids and teens of color through creating appealing characters and storylines that shatter stereotypes and encourage people to think outside of the box. In a world bombarded with monopolized pop-culture and over-exposed brand names, Black Streak brothers Justin and Terry L Raimey also seek to bring more variety to the world of comics, teen fiction, animation, and licensed youth products; variety in the cultural appearances of characters and storylines that are relatable to American minorities from all socioeconomic classes.

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