BlackBerry 10 App Review: Songza!

Please keep in mind the Dev Alpha B has 1GB of RAM instead of the 2GB onboard the Z10. Songza is an Android app that runs very well on BlackBerry 10.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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4 Responses to BlackBerry 10 App Review: Songza!

  1. polyphonicstereotype says:

    Songza’s only available on US and Canada. Sad.

  2. GadgetMastersVideos says:

    Ok I’ll look into it. Thanks for the comment. There’s a game on BB10 called TurboFly HD where the planes look just like the ones from Battlestar Galactica. And everything is 3D.

  3. GadgetMastersVideos says:

    Ya it keeps playing. In the review for Deezer, I minimized Deezer to bring up the browser (to show the 4 different account types). Feel free to take a look at that review. Thanks for the question.

  4. ProfessorRance says:

    Would songza still play on the z10 if I went to check a bbm or facebook message?

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