BlackBerry 10 Maps vs Google Maps

We take BlackBerry 10 Maps and pit it against Google Maps.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses to BlackBerry 10 Maps vs Google Maps

  1. cameron retason says:

    Blackberry worked on blackberry 10 for two years and this maps application is unacceptable.

  2. deathtoaccounts says:

    You haven’t been following the news around the new BB10 os, have you? You’re embarrassing yourself.

  3. deathtoaccounts says:

    BB fan here but no one can deny the BB maps is hard to beat.

  4. ankleninja says:

    You’re comparing speed when ones on WiFi and the other LTE? Really?

  5. donky dunky says:

    i cant wait for bb10. looks cool. new os. faster browser

  6. TERROJP says:

    omg people! You can sideload google maps on the BB10! No worries..

  7. rodaz440 says:

    you could always use the web version but there’s still hope for a better maps coming to BB10 due to Nokia increasing competition with their maps solution which could lead to both creating a version for BB10 or Nokia doing so as they try to gain market share.

  8. ktoyo7 says:

    Thanks for that video comparison. I’m a Blackberry fan, but disappointed that it won’t have Google Maps. I don’t see Google making an Google Maps app for Blackberry 10 any time soon.

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