Blackberry Z10: Unboxing & Review

Detailed unboxing and review of the White Blackberry Z10 with BlackBerry 10 OS. Full specs: CPU: 1.5GHZ Dual Core Snapdragon S4 RAM: 2GB …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Blackberry Z10: Unboxing & Review

  1. H4M24UK says:

    blackberry needs to stop this long loading screen at startup what is the point?

  2. coney jon says:

    That is a sexy ass phone.

  3. HappyCactuz says:

    “Lol” {HTC One)

  4. Drakath3911 says:

    nope only apple products work with itunes :O

  5. rachiel dime says:

    The best review… now i want to have my own BB Z10…

  6. BroTube21 says:

    That phone is a boss

  7. jzr1111 says:

    This looks like a reliable trusty phone i have seen that gesture type on palm pre os but this looks better

  8. mohammedalojaili99 says:

    What about the battery how long does it stay for ?!

  9. Javv OhYeah says:

    is that siri voice?

  10. otakurocks says:


  11. redkiller4all says:

    you are a fucking idiot, this is by far one of the phones that away from every other phone, the z10 operating system is brand new and no other phone has it. so now there is the iphones operating system, the android ice-cream sandwich (almost every phone uses this), the windows 8 phones, and now the one on the z10

  12. EndofDays213 says:

    looks like they stole some styling cues from iphone

  13. OhhDein says:

    I like this phone

  14. yoshuayudha says:


  15. satan163 says:

    can I transfer my iTunes into this phone?

  16. emanuscriptgraphics says:

    officially getting the Z10. At first I was going Q10 because I felt I needed Qwerty, but this touch keyboard is the best designed one out! BB OS10 is perfect for my business/contact needs. Can’t wait to leave Sprint.

  17. Tú Vũ says:

    But most of the essential apps were horribly coded. I understand that BB10 is still an immature OS, the app market and apps themselves are still something to consider at this point in time. However, Z10 can be ported with Android (not that stable) and has a very promising future.

  18. Dasnice1234 says:

    Such a copy of the iPhone

  19. Ricardo Alarcon says:

    do you want rim make this phone like a triangle?

  20. Nikita Golodenko says:

    Packed like cheap Nokia.

  21. nintendotyphoon says:

    Don’t feed this troll.

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