BlackHawk Paramotor Team Pilots Paragliding The California Coast! – 209-786-7899. Special thanks to Team BlackHawk Pilots for an amazing adventure day. Additional special thanks to “Adam Broadway”…
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17 Responses to BlackHawk Paramotor Team Pilots Paragliding The California Coast!

  1. dirtshaman says:

    Anyone who trashes BlackHawk will be promptly kicked in their crumple zone.

  2. dovesmagic says:

    WooooooOOOOOOOOOoooOOOoo! That was a fun day. Lets do it again.

  3. meeksdigital . says:

    Alotta Fagina… really? LOL

  4. chaosppgs says:

    Hi, The Elektra is only $3,195 compared to $4,000 for an Advance or Gin We were the first to to use Dominico and this glider uses Domonico 2 RS All our gliders are made in OUR shop in Korea

  5. chaosppgs says:

    No, not yet!!!

  6. BlackHawk Paramotor says:

    It’s an amazing glider. We can’t keep them on the shelves! Check out our website in the video description for prices, sizes, and colors.  Give us a call so we can get one on order for you.

  7. BlackHawk Paramotor says:

    Will do!

  8. BlackHawk Paramotor says:

    That was Adam Broadway. His Youtube channel is abroadway. Great guy for providing us with some of his flight footage in Pacifica.

  9. BlackHawk Paramotor says:

    Not yet. We are talking to him more about it.

  10. BlackHawk Paramotor says:

    Give us a call – let’s get you going!  209-481-0493

  11. Tori Elliot says:


  12. Sandy Aiken says:


  13. Fly2ube says:

    Thank you everyone for the great comment responses. We will continue to produce videos like this and appreciate the support from the PPG community. Please remember to like and share the video with friends! Special thanks to Rob Whittaker for the editing job. He spent a lot of time gathering the footage from everyone. It came together nicely.

  14. Jose Feria says:

    I wonder who disliked this… Hmmmm. Starts with a D and ends with looser ha ha ha.

  15. Garrison Kay says:

    Is Adam Broadway a BH team pilot now? He is a great guy. Reminds me of Rex.

  16. Ty Olliver says:

    Liked and faved!!!!!!!!! =-)

  17. Andrew Theron says:

    Clicked like before I even finished the video. I usually don’t do that if that says something!

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