Blake Griffin Top 10 Dunks 2011-2012 Season HD

My own ranking of Blake Griffin’s top 10 dunks of the 2011-2012 NBA regular season. *Not including playoffs*
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Blake Griffin Top 10 Dunks 2011-2012 Season HD

  1. Magic123WWE says:

    nothing vince carter cant do.. if you say im a hater. yes i dont like blake!!!

  2. deeppwns says:

    1:13 , did pau gasol really just fall for a pump fake from Blake Griffin at the three point line?

  3. lobdoo boldoo says:

    looks like griffin dont like Gasol

  4. juniorninetyy says:

    poor gasol.

  5. god6712345 says:

    Oh ok :)

  6. CNoVaOfficial says:

    it was kendrick perkins

  7. god6712345 says:

    tht was an awesome dunk over durant!!!!! was it kevin who he dunked over??????

  8. llanest09 says:

    Its unbelievable…wat d…….wooohhhhhh……….never mind..

  9. DarKKnightt07 says:

    Notice how all the women in the stands covering their mouth with a “oh my god” expression lol

  10. murchinson4 says:

    “See what gots me trippin is if you are Pao Gasol, how can you act like that didn’t just happened when your girl and her homegirls saw you get pronounced dead twice from courtside?” lol

  11. papakias1000 says:

    he can easy kill a bull alone

  12. Mzblackandpink says:

    He’s amazing.

  13. DownloadDoctor1 says:

    Pause it at 2:55 he’s got the ball higher than the square on the backboard, daaaayyyuuummmmm.

  14. jon3s1233 says:

    Stop trying to be white Blake.

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