Blank Labels, Sheet Labels, and Laser Labels Now Available at Discount Prices from Bega Label

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Manufacturers, retailers, office managers and even do-it-yourselfers of all variety have one basic need in common to keep their inventory and their lives organized and functioning: labels. Blank labels, sheet labels, laser labels, labels for CDs and DVDs, address labels, shipping, barcodes the list goes on and on. And with so many types of labels and different label needs among professional businesses and individuals alike, there is one label everyone can add to their own address book to take care of all their organizing needs: Bega Label.

Bega Label manufactures and sells sheet and laser labels for use with laser and inkjet printers at discounted prices. They are a veritable warehouse of all things label-related conveniently organized on their website where businesses large and small can order and buy blank labels for their companies directly online. Many offices and home offices can create brand recognition with a high quality label for products and information disseminated to customers. In addition to the popular and convenient laser labels that can be printed in large batches for high volume work or a sheet at a time, Bega Label has also now introduced thermal transfer roll labels to their stock of high quality products. These labels are compatible with printers that transfer blank ribbon to paper by the application of heat. These labels are available in multiple sizes in bulk on 3-inch cores for industrial uses. Many online retailers can utilize the sheet labels for shipments to customers as well as return address labels to reinforce marketing of their company brand.

Blank labels of almost all conceivable sizes and shapes are available for order and shipment directly on Bega Labels website for media, tracking inventory, barcodes, creating professional-quality CDs and DVDs and many other uses. Labels are shipped via UPS with same day or next day shipping available on all in stock products. And shipping costs are always as quoted by UPS, so customers can get their customized shipping costs as soon as they add the labels they need to their cart online.

Bega Label has more than 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes with the right blank labels for their business needs. And with so many people starting home businesses, having top-quality laser labels for home office printing is an easy way for entrepreneurs to literally make their mark in day-to-day transactions. Located in Gardena, California, Bega Label is available to assist customers via email or by phone during business hours for more detailed information. Business owners looking to put a label on their business can create an account any time online at

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