Blog from Covers the Amazon Decision to Sell Products in Apps

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 16, 2012

Josh Loposer, Managing Editor and lead blogger at, has published a recent blog post in response to Amazons latest decision to sell physical products through its line of Kindle apps.

Called a unique advantage by Loposer, Amazons ability to sell legitimate, tangible products that people can hold in their hands is the one thing Amazon can hold over its rivals heads.

Amazons domination in the retail department hasnt gone unnoticed by digital marketers by any means, Loposer writes in the post, but it does present a challenge for a generation of marketers who cut their teeth on digital products. As a result, its not easy for most of us to think in terms of actual, physical products you know, like the kind they sell at Walmart.

The implications of such decisions by Amazon could influence other tech companies as well as marketers who now have a whole new arena for distributing products, the blog post said.

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