Blogged Persistence with a Marketing Twist

Blogged Persistence with a Marketing Twist
Event on 2015-07-24 10:00:00
Marketing Twist  Marketing Twist begins this event at 10 AM with a 15 min talk and 15 mins of discussion about Internet Marketing by Meeting Organizer Dianne Bengtson. Dianne has 7 years of agency experience marketing local and national businesses. (You can attend this even if you don't attend the blogging section.) Blogged Persistence  After the discussion get some writing done! At 10:30, we will start Blogged Persistence. Bring a laptop, or pen and paper, and join us for some individual writing!  Details  Brew is an locally owned, independent coffee house and wine bar. They have an extensive menu and great espresso.  Please support their generosity in sharing their meeting room by purchasing from their menu. 

at Brew Bothell
10035 Main St.
Bothell, United States

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