Blogger: Google Glass is 'doomed' — for now

Blogger: Google Glass is 'doomed' — for now
"Sorry Google, but Google+ still isn't used by my family, friends, or those I speak with …," he wrote. "Google+ isn't nearly as ubiquitous or as nice, truth be told, particularly for mobile users. This lack of Facebook support is the #1 thing that …
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4 Surprisingly Awesome Google Retail Opportunities for 2014
Siri advocates have some major competition with Google Now, which has a strong focus on Google learning and adapting to users. During 2013, Google continued to make updates to integrate vocal commands and queries for search. Google's Hummingbird …
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Why the Rap Genius Story Is Really About Google
Last week, lyrics-annotation site Rap Genius made headlines for a major Google no-no. The startup was accused of sending spammy emails asking bloggers to insert Rap Genius links into their sites in hopes of ranking higher on Google's algorithm for …
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