Blogging Masterclass

Blogging Masterclass
Event on 2013-06-08 09:30:00
Course Summary

Whether you are writing a blog, or thinking about starting one, the success of your blog hinges on your understanding and execution of proven, successful blogging strategies. The Blogging Masterclass teaches you how to enliven and polish your existing content for increased readership and how to create expertly written content that places your blog above the rest.Who is this course for?

Blogging Masterclass is for anyone interested in breathing new life into an existing blog, as well as those who are new to blogging.Course Objectives

This blogging training course guides you through how to write and maintain an exceptional blog and how to increase the blog's readership with an introduction to SEO; the basics of writing and editing; creating and polishing posts; choosing content for new blog posts; analyzing data; engaging your readers through social media; understanding the risks and opportunities inherit to blogging; photography for you blog; and learning to work within WordPress.Course Instructor

TAP accredited and award-winning trainer Chris Blackburn guides you through the one-day course. Chris draws upon 10 years of experience as a professional trainer and blogger.  Course participants benefit from his real-world experiences with writing, researching, marketing, and collaborating to create a top-notch blog.  

Course Overview

Through this dynamic and interactive course, you will understand blogging strategies that work, those that do not work, and why.  You will learn to make decisions about the style and tone of your blog, how to establish consistent content, and selecting topics for your blog posts.  You will learn how to develop clear and effective messages and how to write blog posts that engage readers. Over the course of the day you will cover:

  • Getting to grips with the WordPress content management system – Setup, Themes, Appearance, Branding, Layout, Widgets
  • Writing – Layout / Constructing a post, Maintaining Voice and Style, Editing, Reader Comments, Research and Attributing
  • Photography – Lighting, Depth of Field, Constructing a Story, Editing Tools
  • Social Media – Building an Audience, Creating Engaging Content, Analyzing Data
  • Risks and Opportunities of Blogging – Meeting Your and Your Readers' Needs
  • Introduction to SEO

This course takes place at a Leeds City Centre hotel with easy access to mainline rail, and bus links.Course Cost

£125ppCourse Date and Time

Saturday May 25th 2013, 9.30am until 4.30pm – Central Leeds Hotel

at 42 The Calls

Leeds, United Kingdom

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