Blu180 Launches Proprietary Marketing Automation Software and Managed Lead Nurturing Program for Digital Agencies and Advertising Firms

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Turning visitors into prospects, and turning prospects into qualified leads can take up a large portion of time for sales executives and marketing departments. This does not have to be the case. According to Blu180 Outsource, Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing can improve these processes dramatically if implemented properly.

“We know that 60%-90% of prospects are not ready to buy immediately,” explains an executive at Blu180. “This makes sense when typical website conversion rates are as low as 1%-5%. However, lead nurturing experts know that those unready prospects are still highly likely to buy at some point. The key is to capture their information, and nurture them to a point of readiness, when they will be open to a conversation with a sales executive or an actual purchase.”

The latter process requires sophisticated Marketing Automation software, combined with experienced lead nurture management and content creation. This is where Blu180 comes in. Most Agencies are experienced in traditional branding, web design, and some basic content creation. The challenge comes when trying to coordinate an efficient lead nurture program for various segments of a company’s database. Often firms will purchase costly software and then embark upon learning the system with high paid in house or contracted resources.

Blu180 brings a new level of expertise to the marketplace, with managed lead nurturing for agency clients. Whether the agency is already using a marketing software or is looking to implement a new one while managing it, Blu180 has the ideal solution for both cases.

Blu180 Marketing Automation is a state of the art software platform which includes anonymous visitor tracking, advanced visitor identification and social integration. The system also includes in-depth segmentation and advanced campaign features. The lead nurturing services allow an agency to provide simple setup details so Blu180 can go to work creating emails, eBooks, whitepapers, and nurture tracks for the client. This allows for a hands-off approach where Agencies can focus on relationships and results with their clients, while Blu180 executes the heavy lifting in the background.

“We make lead nurturing simple and cost effective for Agencies so they can roll it out to their clients with ease while seeing consistent results,” says the Blu180 spokesperson.

About Blu180 Outsource

Blu180 is a global wholesale vendor of digital marketing services for advertising agencies, digital marketing firms, SEO firms, and similar reseller organizations. With offices in India, the Philippines, North America, and Europe, Blu180 services agencies locally in their country while offering highly competitive offshore pricing. End reseller clients include thousands of businesses globally and many Fortune 500 firms.

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