Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment, Helsinki

Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment, Helsinki
Event on 2013-02-07 08:30:00

With over 2 billion unique social profiles on-line, it's almost impossible not to find the talent you are looking for directly, on-line. But where do you start, how do you go from 2 billion to 1 and how do you attract someone's else's talent to work in your company? In this one-day practical training workshop, Johnny Campbell of Social Talent will teach you how to find any skill-set, anywhere in the world and share with you the techniques that enable the world's most successful agencies and companies to attract impossible to find talent. Bring your laptop and your most challenging vacancies and you will have the opportunity to build a shortlist of candidates by the day's end.

About Social Talent: 

Social Talent are an Irish start-up that have, within 18 months, become the leading provider of online and social media training to the recruitment & staffing industry in Europe. To date, over 1,600 recruiters from companies such as Accenture, KPMG, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Hays, CPL, Morgan McKinley and SThree have completed their Black Belt training program. The company have just launched an online learning platform called "My Social Talent" that allows recruiters and business owners to learn the latest recruiting and talent attraction techniques from the comfort of their desk or home. Attendees will receive free access to MySocialTalent for 2 months upon completion of this course.

About Johnny Campbell:

Johnny is the co-founder of Social Talent, his second recruitment related Irish start-up (and yes, the first one is still in business!). He has worked as a recruiter for over 14 years, is passionate about technology and has a vision to build a "Khan Academy" for the recruitment industry (God loves a trier!). He tweets @socialtalent and can regularly be found dishing out free advice at Check out the company's infamous free webinars at for a taste of what you will learn.

The Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment is the second of three levels in our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment qualification.  The aim of this module is to enable recruiters to source candidates or leads for any job, anywhere in the world, using only their internet browser.

Upon completion of this one day module attendees will have a solid understanding of boolean operators, modifiers and commands and will be able to find 100% of LinkedIn profiles using only a free account, find candidates on Twitter, Blogs, Google Plus, Video Sites, Blogs, Staff Directories and much more.  Most importantly attendees will be able to provide their expert recruitment knowledge in building search strings and following “rabbit holes” to produce candidates that other recruiters will not find.

This module is suitable for anyone who has at least a moderate understanding of social and professional networks and whom are comfortable searching the internet.

To date, over 1,600 recruiters have completed our Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment.All delegates are provided with:

  • Full, color course notes with detailed examples, tips and definitions,
  • A quick-guide mouse mat with all the essential search string components and key templates,
  • Unlimited access to our extensive library of training videos, webinars and “how to” articles,
  • Unlimited email support from our Sourcing Team to help you perfect your search strings and boolean techniques.
  • 2 months free access to "MySocialTalent" online learning platform.

 Course Overview:

  • LinkedIn: For those of you with just a Free Account, we’ll show you how to turn every Private Profile and Hidden Surname into a full Profile that you can reach out to without using any InMails.  For those of you with a LinkedIn Corporate Account we will show you how to find all of the candidates and data that are currently impossible to find on LinkedIn, even with a Corporate Account.
  • Boolean Modifers, Operators and Field Commands; What are they and how do you use these special search operators effectively in your web and database searches
  • Finding Email Addresses & Contacting Prospects: Got a name and an employer?  What do you do next?  You won’t need InMails or phone numbers when we show you how to find email addresses for nearly any prospect in the world.
  • Synonyms & Reductions: When is a Java Developer not a Java Developer?  When he is a Software Engineer working in the Consumer Goods industry!  We stretch your sectoral knowledge to make sure that you are truly finding all of the possible candidates out there.
  • Filtering Vs Recruiting: Why recruitment advertising is not enough
  • The Sourcer’s Toolkit: Using Notepad, Browsers, Tool Bars & Plug-Ins to increase your search productivity
  • Search Engines & Recruitment SEO: Making sure that Active Jobseekers see your job ads and can find you
  • Information Sources/ Research: Do you know your 10Q from your J2EE?  We can’t be expected to know everything about every qualification, skill, language and region in the world but we should certainly be able to find out.  We show you how to effectively research your vacancies, skills, sectors and locations online.
  • Using Operators & Modifiers in LinkedIn:  Do you know all of the special operators that LinkedIn supports?  We’ll tell you exactly what they are and how best to use them in ourLinkedIn Advanced Search Best Practice guide
  • Finding CVs: Sometimes we aren’t looking for scraps of data, there are full resumés and CV’s out there on the web but how do you find them quickly and filter out all the junk?
  • Data Pattern Recognition:  You can find prospects on Twitter, Blogs, Xing, Viadeo, YouTube, Amazon, Corporate Web-Sites, Conference Sites and many more hidden places by identifying patterns and using your search skills to develop your own boolean strings to access passive candidates that no other recruiter will find!
  • Multilingual Search: Do you know your Życiorys from your Lebenslauf?  International candidates with multiple languages are hot but are you applying the correct techniques to find them?  We will show you how to get around LinkedIn’s flaws when searching for language candidates and suggest tons of other places to find such hot prospects. Most importantly we will also show you how to modify your searches to make sure you find all the international candidates that are out there.
  • Don’t want to spend your whole day searching the web for candidates?  We will show you three different techniques for automating your searches so the great candidates come to you first!

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