Blue Fountain Media Issued Best Social Media Marketing Service by for March 2014

(PRWEB) March 03, 2014 has revealed Blue Fountain Media as the best social media marketing consultant in the month of March 2014. Search engine marketing consultants are evaluated by the independent research team at to uncover which consultants offer the best social media marketing solutions. The rankings are reviewed on a monthly basis based on the latest accomplishments of contending social media marketing consultants.

The process for investigating and listing the top agencies offering social media marketing services involves a systematic evaluation of the key advantages of each competing online marketing service. The five areas of evaluation affiliated with successful social media marketing campaigns include timeliness, reach, brand management, methodology, and consultation. The results of the evaluation process are used to uncover the position of agencies on the rankings.

For a more systematic evaluation of contesting social media marketing consultants the independent evaluation team at communicates with client referrals of the top contesting online marketing consultants. Customers are asked various questions about the solutions provided to them and about their experiences with the online marketing agency. Customers often go out of their way to reach directly to tell of their experiences and opinions pertaining to online marketing solutions.

Blue Fountain Media has been investigated as a part of the methodical investigation and has earned their location as the top social media marketing agency. Through strong client referrals and high scores in each of the five verticals of evaluation, Blue Fountain Media has passed each phase of the investigation process. Those looking for a genuine social media marketing agency to assist them should consider Blue Fountain Media.

About Blue Fountain Media

About is an established independent research firm focusing on the evaluation and rankings of internet marketing consultants all around the world. The rankings are organized by the independent research team each month to feature the top social media marketing consultants based on their achievements and their rating achieved through the proprietary evaluation process.

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