Blue Fuzzy Slippers (BFS) Changing Social Networking and e-Marketing Forever

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 14, 2008

A woman has done it! A California woman has taken social networking to a whole new level. What if you took a social community like MySpace(TM) and FaceBook(TM), combined them with the awesome power of video found at YouTube(TM), then released that energy into an e-tailing website that harnessed the selling power of eBay(TM), have the blogging power of Blogger(TM), combined with online TV? Veteran social niche-marketing expert and vanguard of on-line e-commerce, Sherri A. Baldy, is doing just that with her latest multi-million dollar e-venture called Blue Fuzzy Slippers(TM), a new user-friendly e-commerce/me-commerce site. Mark July 14, 2008 on the calendar for the release.

“Kick off your shoes, slide into your Blue Fuzzy Slippers, and put your feet up,” says, Sherri A. Baldy, BFS President and CEO. “It’s time for a fresh new approach to those great American pastimes, shopping, selling, socializing and searching the four S’s that have been the backbone of the Internet almost since its creation.” Sherri A. Baldy is the first woman to ever create a social network of this level. She is now taking it all a step further. Users can now sell in their network on Blue Fuzzy Slippers right on their profile page.

Having become frustrated with sites such as MySpace(TM) and eBay(TM), overwhelmed when searching through the millions upon millions of e-commerce sites on the Web, Baldy knew there must be a better way. “What I discovered was that, incredibly there is no site out there that has it all,” she explains.

Discovering this huge hole in the market, in typical Baldy fashion, she transformed her frustration into a business venture. She put together a team of expert programmers and online marketers to research, design, and create what is the first “Have it all” site on the Internet — a complete one-stop for everything users need on the Web.

“People like going to a mall because there are a large variety of stores in a single location,” she asserts. “They can find what they need without having to search all over town. Malls are also great places to socialize while shopping. Blue Fuzzy Slippers(TM) takes this concept and applies it to the Internet with a site that functions the way consumers like to shop and e-tailers need to sell. Also, as the name suggests, let`s you do it all in a social setting at home in your slippers.”

“BFS incorporates the best aspects of the most popular Web sites, while eliminating the negatives, to create a secure place to connect, network, socialize, blog, and here is the key differentiation, you can promote, shop, and sell.”

BFS does this all in one highly interactive, secure family-friendly, positive-toned, social networking environment that is designed from the ground up, with both the consumer and the “seller in mind”.

It is an approach that Baldy feels will change social networking and e-marketing forever to U-Commerce(TM). Not only can brands sell and promote their products in a social network, but this robust site also allows sellers to create their own profiles, web pages, stores, blogs, channels, programming, commercials and more to enhance customer awareness. It is a feature that during Beta testing proved to be wildly successful. The site is also extremely user friendly and interesting to just explore with original content such as, Chibi from Kiki Valley show and online magazines.

“This new site, Blue Fuzzy Slippers, fills the needs of millions of sellers, shoppers, and networkers who, like me, are frustrated with trying to cut through the clutter, high costs and inefficiencies of many of the Web’s most popular sites,” Baldy explains.

BFS allows users to:

Set up their own customizable profile Web page
Play their music, videos and commercials
Sell their products with a Buy It Now or Auctions buttons – right on the user’s profile page
Link friends and customers to their home page, store, blogs, groups, advertising, and products all under one roof
Have their own on-line TV channel and much more
No need for a Web site
No listing fee’s and no final fee’s
Do it all in their blue fuzzy slippers!
Whether they are looking for information, interested in socializing, joining a book club, blogging, staying up to date on fashion, finding the hottest new trends, having their own online TV show, making a purchase, or selling products, Blue Fuzzy Slippers(TM) provides the perfect environment for social networking, participating in something purposeful, finding the best deals, and shopping among friends — all while having a great time.

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About Sherri A. Baldy – President and CEO, Blue Fuzzy Slippers(TM):

Entrepreneur, artist, and innovator, Sherri A. Baldy has been at the forefront of on-line marketing going back to the early days of the Internet. Today, her visionary talents have seen the emergence of the Web’s fastest growing fantasy site, The Fairy (TFS). By coalescing her love and understanding of art and artists with her strong business savvy, Baldy has filled a much needed niche in the overlooked and highly profitable segment of fantasy artists, authors, and entrepreneurs. Baldy is innovating the way independent artists are able to license and merchandise their products to this rapidly expanding dual-gender, cross-generational market segment.

The mission of The Fairy Society Network is to assist its members in their efforts to build brands and grow their businesses. As the creator of this unique marketing/social-networking site, Baldy has established a business platform to include the representation of artists, as well as managing its ongoing growth and creative expansion. In the first few months of operation, the commercial licensing opportunities generated by Baldy’s innovative approach to this Web site have produced over $ 200,000 in additional revenue for her licensing companies.

Creative marketing is nothing new to Baldy. In the late 1980’s, with an investment of only $ 100, she launched her own clothing design company, Passion Designs. In a little over a year, the company posted revenues of a quarter million dollars, and her exclusive collections began to show up at elite events including The Country Music Awards. Baldy continues her clothing designs as designer for the Heart to Heart.

During the late 1990’s, Baldy segued into the branding and manufacturing of designer gifts and home decor. She created a wildly successful line that grossed $ 32,000 in the first four days of business. It was the inspiration for her current, much expanded on-line merchandising efforts. Not only has she produced profitable product lines marketed under her own name, but other companies frequently retain her to create unique designs for their brands. In 2006, Lazy Time Toys approached Baldy about creating a specialty line of porcelain designer dolls. It is jointly marketed under both her name and LTT. During this time, she was also approached by Duck House Dolls, and entered into an agreement to create an exclusive line for them, as well. When Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Mark Victor Hansen wanted a one-of-a-kind doll as a gift for his friend, Oprah Winfrey, Baldy was the designer.

With the success of The Fairy Society Network on-line model — combining a Web-based marketing platform with a powerful social network — Baldy has proven that she can harness even greater selling power with her latest venture – (BFS). Her goal is to create the next generation cyber-mall. In order to focus more time on this current venture, she has begun divesting herself of ancillary businesses. Consequently, she sold one of her companies (while retaining a licensing agreement) to Pacific Trading Corporation, a preeminent manufacturer and distributor in the gift industry. The following for-profit Web sites are currently owned by Baldy: Blue Fuzzy; Blue Fuzzy Slippers; BFS;;; The Fairy; The Fairy Society; The Fairy Society; Sherri Baldy; Sherri; Inspirational; Fantasy Tea; and Fantasy

Sherri A. Baldy is a proven on-line marketing entrepreneur. Her ability to generate win-win profits by helping others to realize their dreams has made her an on-line marketing success. Her new venture will establish and set the benchmark for e-commerce that others will chase.

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