Blueprint Project Black Edition Bonus Wars Exposed

Corona, CA (PRWEB) January 7, 2011

In a few days, one of the most talked about internet marketing courses becomes available for purchase. The Blueprint Project Black Edition is reported to be the most thorough course released by two well established online business moguls (Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey).

What is not generally known however is that promoters of such courses (affiliates) usually receive a commission for generating sales. Because of this, those that promote the product attempt to ‘sweeten the pot’ by adding bonus items to the course; thereby driving more sales.

We spoke to veteran internet marketer David Raye who has a unique perspective on this practice.

“It’s a perfectly legitimate approach in theory. The problem however lies in the type of bonus items being offered”. In Mr. Raye’s opinion most of these bonus products can do more harm than good.

Why? Because most marketers offer bonus items are e-books or more courses about internet marketing. As these bonus offers are claimed, the recipient is offered more and more courses and software for sale. “This can be devastating to anyone wanting to get started with an internet marketing business because it adds layers of confusing information (information overload)”. Most ‘newbies’ will be overwhelmed, become confused, frustrated, and quit before ever making a dime online. I detest the practice.”

To make matters worse, each marketer attempts to outdo the other by offering MORE, BIGGER, BETTER, ETC. “The claims of bonus offers being worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS are rampant and for the most part FALSE”. These add-on courses have no real value, rather only perceived value. In fact, the so called value or these bonus items is completely arbitrary and simply made up by the marketer. The practice is known in the industry as ‘BONUS WARS’.

“Personally, I was robbed of success for years by such Bonus Offers for the reasons mentioned above. I decided to break the mold and offer physical product bonuses.”

“When I offer a bonus it’s a REAL bonus, such as an LED HD TV or a Digital Camera. My bonuses are physical products that have real value”.

EDITORS NOTE: David Raye is promoting The Blueprint Project Black Edition and offering his unique bonus program at


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