BO2 – New Sniper Rifle in Next DLC? (Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs)

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16 Replies to “BO2 – New Sniper Rifle in Next DLC? (Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs)”

  1. i want a gun dlc old classic guns smg , ar , lmg , sniper shotgun. like one gun out of each cod :D’would be awesome cod 4 , waw , mw2 , black ops , and maybe mw3 maybe xD

  2. I wpuld like a bolt action that aims in i little bit faster than dsr but slower than ballistia.. but it has a good damage but it has 6 bullets reg clip then 10nextended clip. it should also have new camo’s like zombie pack a punch camo and it shoots the red bullets (mussle flash is red) all the same attachments but it has iron sight like the m4 from mw2 it would look really nice…it would have around 555 rpm just an idea ya so like it up so he can see

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