BO2 – New Sniper Rifle in Next DLC? (Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs)

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16 Responses to BO2 – New Sniper Rifle in Next DLC? (Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs)

  1. cubi5678 says:

    full damage, high draw up time, low recoil, medium rate of fire

  2. Daniel nash says:

    Call of the dead’s Scavenger.

  3. daleastudillo78 says:

    Intervention like and 6 bullet clip 1 hit kill torso head fast scope in time

  4. joshuahargrove12 says:

    New scopes

  5. Aaron Edwards says:

    DLC Sniper, as powerful as the DSR and as lite and as accurate at the Ballista, Bolt action! 

  6. HonayBadga says:

    In the dlc i would like a bow

  7. IfRiToXiC says:

    i want a gun dlc old classic guns smg , ar , lmg , sniper shotgun. like one gun out of each cod :D’would be awesome cod 4 , waw , mw2 , black ops , and maybe mw3 maybe xD

  8. Edward Richtofen says:

    I think that the escort drone is basically a CLAW but instead it flies and it only shoots from a MG.

  9. Brad Barkley says:

    screw you LMGs go hard

  10. shane coley says:

    I wpuld like a bolt action that aims in i little bit faster than dsr but slower than ballistia.. but it has a good damage but it has 6 bullets reg clip then 10nextended clip. it should also have new camo’s like zombie pack a punch camo and it shoots the red bullets (mussle flash is red) all the same attachments but it has iron sight like the m4 from mw2 it would look really nice…it would have around 555 rpm just an idea ya so like it up so he can see

  11. imakeducttapestuff77 says:

    Ray Gun

  12. McNoodleFoodle says:

    They should bring back the intervention from MW2

  13. Matthew Kowalski says:

    I agree with the M1014, I loved that gun in COD 4!

  14. Matthew Kowalski says:

    I KNOW RIGHT, lol, that should also be in zombies, (INTERVENTION), because I would want to Pack A Punch it.

  15. ResidentSonic2 says:

    I think it’d be awesome if they brought in the Intervention AA12 PKP or Usas 12 in any of the next DLCs.

  16. Devin Nieves says:

    i want a bolt action sniper with a target finder scope

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