BO2: Zombies Ranking – Explained? (Double Shotgun)

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25 Responses to BO2: Zombies Ranking – Explained? (Double Shotgun)

  1. ImCatoo says:

    Add ImCato- for die rise

  2. Th3DurfClan says:

    nvm i got my shotguns! add ProjectXCheese on ps3 for zombies

  3. Mrtompie09 says:

    Its not about your k/d ratio..

  4. Knightpew Katano says:

    Not kill death kill down ratio

  5. davis belliston says:

    your stats are glitched, its a bug

  6. davis belliston says:

    that doesn’t matter, k/d in zombies is kill down ratio, you need 130 kill down ratio for sg rank and 90 for knife

  7. ProMrEpic says:

    My kill death ratio is 213 and I only have skull with blue eyes please help me

  8. Nick Leivo says:

    u have to play atleast 1 time every day or u will get deranked on zombies

  9. DavidGoezHam says:

    If our willing to help me get shotguns and are really good at zombies…add ThePotheadZombie

  10. Chris Hernandez says:

    yo if you play ps3 add me ObeY_cHiicoS and help me get double shotguns

  11. Drugdealer1897 says:

    i have 26k kills and 125 downs. thats a 206kd ratio. my highest round is 29 in die rise. I’m a skull with knife. i should have shotguns since my kd is 200+. PLZ HELP! Get me to a high round, 30+, in town survival or die rise, plzzz! My gamertag is Me6usta69. if i get shotguns because of you i will give you a 3 month live membership free! all you have to do is rank me up. thank you 😉 (i have an xbox.)

  12. LBcLunatic says:

    do you play on ps3? if so, can you help me? my kd is 224 and i’m still only on the skull emblem

  13. utbysweden says:

    Hahahaahahhahahahaha FAIL!!! To get the blu eyes: You need to play for 5 consecutive days like 3 games per day at least and u get 1 stripe per day, once u reached 5 stripes u are awarded the blue eyes

  14. Th3DurfClan says:

    I has 37k kills and 87 downs and i only have skull with knife and blue eyes wtf?!

  15. david murillo says:


  16. Dylan Dubuisson says:

    I have 31k kills, 1000 downs, play EVERDAY, super many revives, doors and perks.. :( some people have under 10,000 kills and have over 700-900 downs and they have blue eyes with a skull and I only have crossbones. Why?!? How?!?

  17. xMadSkills4Life says:

    Why yes he is.

  18. BrandonsGamerNation says:

    goddamn your a very angry butthurt person aren’t you?

  19. HDGamersElite says:

    guys on my channel i made a guide on how to get double shotguns and how to keep your rank in detail, so feel free to check it out!

  20. Libert Caloia says:

    125 seemed pretty low. So to base an entire ranking on a kd seems pretty rediculous to me considering the range of the kd would be 125 to about 175.. Why such a large window for one rank.. why didnt my friend get it til 170? The ranking system I believe is for every statistic and like he said zombie etiquette. Maybe if you noobs didnt leave every game before it ended you wouldnt have such a hard time getting shotguns. Try finishing a game and not being a pussy no matter how many downs. PEACE

  21. Libert Caloia says:

    FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE IT IS ONLY KD PLEASE READ AND LIKE I have been looking into this for quiet awhile. When I say kd I mean kill to down not death just to clear up. When a couple of my friends first got the double shotguns the first thing I looked at was kd. They both had somewhere around a 160. So my buddy and I set our goals for a 160 kd. He didnt get his until he hit around a 170. Funny thing is the next week I got my double shotguns and check my kd immediately after.. 125

  22. NGCnintendo says:

    @bedneezy not true what so ever! K/d is a big factor, but not all of it. I suggest to anyone if you have a bad k/d reset stats, go into a solo game get about 500 kills. Without getting down, then go into a farm game and revive like hell. Look what I said above, I myself with explain the rank on my channel because people still think its k/d and that’s all, hex you explained it very well but you should address the k/d thoroughly

  23. NGCnintendo says:

    @jbd1989 here I recommend if your get a farm to play with randoms, and get into a lobby with people that hav 1 bone or split screeners. They usually aren’t very good so worry about jug first and then get quickrive I average about 25 revives by round ten, just work on your revives

  24. Aaron cross says:

    U r so fucking dumb cunt it’s k/d

  25. Jeremy Empson says:

    thing is rankin up is simple if u have a fresh account ts all about k/ds and head shots and revives i just hit knife with blue eyes today which is day 5 with 7k kills 20 downs 140 revives and about 4k headshots. ive only played 2online gams rest was custom transit easy mode i got skulls within a couple matches then played 1 match a day within the 7pm to 7pm daily perid

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