BOC Partners Announces Acquisition of Internet Advertising Company

Westfield, NJ (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

In announcing the merger, BOC Partners President/CEO, Britain OConnor said he is happy to welcome the BullsEye operation into the BOC organization and pleased about the important expansion of online digital services it represents for all BOC clients.

Its hard to believe that until 1996, ads werent even allowed on the Internet, says OConnor. Today, online advertising is a substantial, for some the central part of most advertising campaigns. It has been estimated that in 2012 Internet advertising revenue in the US was $ 36.57 billion, a significant percentage of the total $ 169.48 billion spent on all media in the US in 2012. In the first half of 2013, Internet ad revenue set a new record, exceeding $ 20 billion.

Thinking back to the mid-1990s, OConnor says he was fortunate to recognize the beginning of the online advertising revolution, and made it his business to learn everything he could about advertising on the Internet, so he could stay ahead of the curve.

With that mindset, OConnor took particular note of BullsEye Marketing, which was started by B. Alan in 2005.

BullsEye Marketings initial days coincided with the increased call for online advertising, which helped spur the companys dramatic growth. Offering a full array of online services SEO, SEM, Database Marketing, Banner/Network Placement, Website Design and more BullsEye enjoyed success right out of the gate.

Now, BullsEye Marketings online ad campaigns, many utilizing their own proprietary programs, are in 40 states. They have 30 employees, who are Google AdWords Qualified, Microsoft Ad Excellence Members and Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassadors. Their advanced geocentric techniques ensure their clients success and that each online asset and investment is optimized.

In 2009, BOC Partners began using BullsEye Marketing as a vendor to augment its in-house digital staff. The demand was increasing at such a rate, we needed skilled labor to hit the ground running to overcome the challenges of scalability, explained OConnor.

The relationship was productive and Britain OConnor got to know B. Alan and his people and liked the way the two companies worked together.

In 2012, OConnor began to formulate a plan that would allow him to meet the increasing digital needs of current and future clients and maintain his agencys dominant position in online advertising. He would explore the possibility of acquiring BullsEye Marketing.

BOC Partners is a story of progressive growth. In a market that was once dominated by traditional advertising, BOC has been able to adapt to the digital revolution and not just maintain its market share, but increase it. The agency managed this feat through the recent recession and the decline of print advertising, two sea-changing events that occurred at the same time.

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