Booty Shake off Contest Submit Vids to

2nd Vid in for the Contest None of the rest of the vids will be posted unless you tell us its ok to post them.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Booty Shake off Contest Submit Vids to

  1. DiDD Nem says:

    Não aguentei e bati uma!

  2. Udey Khanna says:

    REALLY ELECTRIFYING . WHAT STAMINA. like a true professional ATHLETE

  3. alex ma says:

    expect see her face

  4. Rube Huari says:

    experto en mariman 

  5. Rube Huari says:


  6. rleary1 says:

    Don’t know who she is, but her Dad’s probably a preacher. I never did figure that one out…

  7. rleary1 says:

    Bong? Did you mean ‘Boing’ or better yet ‘Shwiiing’? (Wayne’s World!) If you meant Boing, yes, you are correct.

  8. bigwaterhunter says:


  9. Joe Prihandono says:

    its wow….. 

  10. jose carbonell says:

    es un travesti operao vamos ami me lo van a decir que soy un experto me juego todo lo que tengo y no lo pierdo ES UN TRAVELO

  11. 5454ronnie says:

    Baby you got my vote you made me c**

  12. tonycocainesindicate says:

    Jaja el indicador

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