Bop Announces 6 Tips for Value-Added B2B Content

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 14, 2013

One increasingly effective means for B2B companies to differentiate themselves from their competition is through strategic B2B content marketing. Among B2B companies that get content marketing are Sage, a UK-based business management software company, which offers content focusing on key pain points for their clients, and Open Forum, an American Express program, whose website provides in-depth educational content for small business owners.

According to Jeremy Durant, Business Principal at Bop Design, a San Diego web design agency, a B2B business must establish itself as a go-to source of valuable contentparticularly if its products and services are complex and not easily grasped by prospective customers.

These customers are hungry for content that directly addresses the challenges they face, Durant says, and finding that needle of information in a seemingly infinite haystack of online content is a pressing challenge in and of itself.

So how can a B2B company provide content thats both engaging and useful to B2B influencers and decision-makers?


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