Bop Design Identifies Email Marketing as Top Tactic for B2B Marketers

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 23, 2013

With all the buzz social media has been receiving lately, it might seem like email marketing has gone the way of fax machines and snail mail. But according to a recent survey by Eloqua, and Software Advice, as reported on, it remains the most frequently used marketing tactic, with 98% of respondents reporting they use in-house email marketing to generate new leads.

Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook may generate most of the headlines these days, says Jeremy Durant, Business Principle for Bop Design, a San Diego web design agency. But experienced marketers know that email marketing continues to offer a very cost-effective platform for connecting with prospects and customers. This includes the use of email newsletters, which offer a great tool for bringing new leads into the sales pipeline.

As part of an overall small business email marketing campaign, newsletters offer numerous advantages:

Lead nurturing. When new prospects arrive in the sales pipeline, email newsletters help to keep them there. When sent at regular intervals, email newsletters keep businesses top of mind with prospective clients by reminding them of who they are and what they do.

Brand building. Email newsletters enable companies to build the brand by positioning key people in the business as experts and/or thought leaders in the industry. They show the target market that the business stays up to date on industry trends and understands the issues currently affecting their companies.

Relationship building. Service firms and those with complex products typically have a lengthy sales cycle. It can take time for prospects to get comfortable with the business and to understand how its product or service offers the best solution to their needs. Email newsletters build trust by demonstrating knowledge, expertise and experience on the topics that matter most to the companys target audience.

Cross-selling and up-selling. Email newsletters can also be used to highlight other products or service areas that clients may not know about. For example, an accountant could let clients know that he or she offers more than tax returns by writing an article about payroll services.

Company promotion. The best email newsletters keep the marketing and promotion to a minimum. But clients and prospects want (and expect) companies to tell them about new products, special offers, and other company news. Did the business just launch a new website? Is it having its usual seasonal sale of certain products? When used properly (with a soft sell), email newsletters provide an excellent platform for promoting the companys other marketing activities.

To maximize their effectiveness, email newsletters should be sent out in intervals appropriate to the type of product or service and the audience. For most businesses, one a month should suffice.

Catchy email headers are essential for grabbing peoples attention. Even the best newsletters wont have an impact if they dont get opened and read. Companies should also update their email lists on a regular basis to make sure theyre current, and never spam.

Most important, provide real value to your readers through articles that address their most pressing issues and concerns, adds Durant. When you consistently provide valuable content, people will look forward to reading your newsletter, and will see you as a trusted source of information — a critical step in turning todays prospects into tomorrows paying customers.

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