Bop Design Offers Solutions for Websites That Drop in Search Engine Rankings

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

Google released its updated search algorithm called Hummingbird in September of 2013 and five months later some marketers are scrambling to keep their websites at the top of Google searches. Seeing a business website fall in the search engine rankings can be devastating for a marketer, especially if the majority of the sales leads for that business come through the web, explains Jeremy Durant, a principal at San Diego web marketing company Bop Design. As a response, Bop Design has released a series of solutions to help marketers navigate their ascent back up the search engine ranks. These are their tips.

1. Dont panic.

The internet is always changing. New content is being created every second and this does not mean that a business website will drop out of sight forever. However, it does mean that the business has work to do and the longer they delay, the more difficult it becomes.

2. Check the website.

Marketers should use Googles Adwords Keyword Tool to do an updated search for keywords related to their industry. Keywords and common searches might have changed since they last updated their website. Then they should check the front end of the website and do the following:

Ensure that all pages are optimized with current keywords
Businesses should edit old pages that contain keyword densities that are too high
Marketers should remove all pages on the website that have no clear purpose
They should also pull down any pages made just to bring in-bound clicks
Webmasters should use 301 redirects when certain pages on the site have been removed permanently
Businesses should use updated keywords in page titles and h1 headers

3. Blog smarter.

If you dont have a regular content marketing plan in place, set one up immediately, says Durant. One of the reasons blogging seems overwhelming (with results that seem difficult to track) is because marketers make the mistake of diving in without creating a clear plan. Setting up a content marketing strategy before creating content can save your business time and, ultimately, money.

Once a business has their content marketing plan in place, they can start building relationships with online industry journals and outlets that can distribute their content to the correct target market. The right target market is one who is interested in the content because it directly applies to them.

Building online relationships takes time but can pay off big for businesses. Durant explains: Online journals need a constant supply of fresh content and if your business can provide it on a regular basis, you can quickly become an online industry darling. If the businesss in-house marketing team is already overwhelmed, it is common practice to hire an outside company to blog on behalf of the company. The team can then also convert each blog post into a press release that can help the content spread even wider. Every time the press release is re-published, the business website earns fresh inbound links.

4. Build the right kind of links.

The keystone of any content marketing plan should be to build the right kind of links for the business. Marketers should shift away from linking to any sites that are not reputable. Reputable sites are esteemed sources on the web (for example, national or popular regional newspapers, wildly popular news blogs like, established online business journals such as, or any of the most esteemed, highly visited resource websites in a particular industry).

Business, like life, has no guarantees, concludes Durant. But an updated website, a clear content marketing plan, and some time and dedication can help you reestablish your position on top of the search engine rankings.


Bop Design is a San Diego web design and development agency with offices also in Orange County, CA and the New York metro area. Specializing in B2B marketing, Bop Design creates holistic marketing plans geared toward lead generation and business development. Bop Design offers services in branding, logo design, website design and development, responsive web design, SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing.

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