Boston Dynamics BIGDOG Robot

The quadrupedal pack robot from Boston Dynamics, designed for military use.

23 thoughts on “Boston Dynamics BIGDOG Robot

  1. As a mechanical engineer, I’m just going to say… all that plastic-covered, pre-programmed garbage does not even come close to comparing to the robotics/controls technology in BIGDOG… A makeup artist can take some plastic and make it look like a human, but to keep a four-legged robot on its feet? That is impressive.

  2. Sorry to disapoint you, dude, but they are: Human Like watch?v=OsVSJk_00xY Human Like watch?v=78t5NK6m1T4 Japanese robot dancing watch?v=9vwZ5FQEUFg and the final proof watch?v=xcZJqiUrbnI

  3. Yeah, man. Cant imagine on battlefield vs this thing. No fear of death, no emotions, no fatique, it has been programmed to destroy you by any means. Civil robotics – OK, military robotics – NO

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