Boston Dynamics BIGDOG Robot

The quadrupedal pack robot from Boston Dynamics, designed for military use.

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23 Responses to Boston Dynamics BIGDOG Robot

  1. kilopyt768 says:

    я русский

  2. EforVendettaa says:

    This is the stuff nightmares are made of

  3. darkmatterpresents says:

    A single bullet can fuck that thing up

  4. tavogarlop says:

    Que pinches mamadas son estas

  5. Alwhalid14 says:


  6. hyenacub says:

    This thing creeps me right the hell out, and I love it! XD

  7. severrnijKGU says:

    0:34 /watch?v=KD4t-kl8Cgc&feature=rellist&playnext=1&list=PLA82B41772C249957#t=0m10s  like this

  8. jgallau says:

    As a mechanical engineer, I’m just going to say… all that plastic-covered, pre-programmed garbage does not even come close to comparing to the robotics/controls technology in BIGDOG… A makeup artist can take some plastic and make it look like a human, but to keep a four-legged robot on its feet? That is impressive.

  9. matheussousuke says:

    While Boston is making robot dogs, Japanese are making women robots to f…..

  10. matheussousuke says:

    Sorry to disapoint you, dude, but they are: Human Like watch?v=OsVSJk_00xY Human Like watch?v=78t5NK6m1T4 Japanese robot dancing watch?v=9vwZ5FQEUFg and the final proof watch?v=xcZJqiUrbnI

  11. julius923 says:

    I can’t wait to see the look on terrorists face when they see this in person.

  12. MQhelper says:

    Can i kick it in the “knees?” 😛

  13. faceheadman says:


  14. ChelovekOdin says:

    Yeah, man. Cant imagine on battlefield vs this thing. No fear of death, no emotions, no fatique, it has been programmed to destroy you by any means. Civil robotics – OK, military robotics – NO

  15. Alexandru Dumitru says:

    Dat sound ! 

  16. Tan Nguyen says:

    That thing is freaking creepy

  17. joshuademoraes says:

    if you heard this terrible noise don’t be worried about it, it’s just a chainsaw with legs walking around.

  18. jonathan martinez says:


  19. HitomiNoRyu says:

    Awesome…now make one that doesn’t sound like a swarm of killer bees.

  20. ManiacModz says:

    best use for this is a seeing eye canine robot

  21. 18felipelourenso18 says:


  22. NephelimScholar says:

    whats up with the grunting guys ? 😛 lol .. Shoulnt it be just a bit more stealth you think ?

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