Bots Master – Enter the Ninjzz part 1

Botsmaster – Enter the Ninjzz part 1

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16 Responses to Bots Master – Enter the Ninjzz part 1

  1. Chris Terrell says:

    Die Antwoord? Title? Coincidence? I think not…

  2. Bruce Wayne says:

    wish they would just bring it back 😉

  3. UnCubicle says:

    loved this show. wish they made an HD version for today.

  4. mike white says:

    love this show

  5. bboyStuntZ says:

    ZZ says the boyzz don’t feel pain and yet free hand is trying to escape being repaired? That doesn’t make sense. Watson fully said to free hand that this will hurt but no pain no gain. The writers messed up. lol

  6. bboyStuntZ says:

    What the heck? It looked like free hand hurt itself. 

  7. SeanieBlahBlah says:

    I have such trouble making out what the bots are saying, I had no problem with that as a kid.

  8. crypter27 says:

    Sorry I must of missed that comment

  9. GuardianMike says:

    Like I said, when I was a kid in the 90s

  10. crypter27 says:

    This was made in the 90s before the internet became big!

  11. GuardianMike says:

    I used to watch this religiously when i was a kid

  12. FoX SieteFox says:

    04:58 lol robert patrick

  13. FFKonoko says:

    “Luckily our boys don’t feel pain” Pan over to the boys all crying and talking about how they can’t stand it anymore at the emotional pain. Um, Ziv…

  14. Stephen Jester says:

    i know right btw i must agree with an earlier comment. i know times are tough, but shooting lasers at a kid for stealing groceries is ridiculous. lol

  15. zolli21 says:

    damn, they REALLY didn’t think their plan all the way through when designing this show lol

  16. megaDudeMegaDude says:

    Holy shit! The hip hop-esque background music if goddamn awesome!

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