Bots – Zeven dagen lang

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13 Responses to Bots – Zeven dagen lang

  1. dem579 says:

    By the way, how much is the fish?

  2. Saphy96 says:

    *Exasperated Face*

  3. Cyrus Vanderschoot says:

    1 is alles dat ik nodig heb om jouw te doen smelten.

  4. Saphy96 says:

    Jij kan het maar met 1 :PP

  5. Cyrus Vanderschoot says:

    Je bent gewoon jaloers! Ik heb talent!

  6. Saphy96 says:

    Haha, zijn wenkbrauwen xD 1:02

  7. Historias0506 says:

    hungary forever. edda omega etc

  8. Hans Rothuis says:

    Wijn ! hele vaten leeg maken !

  9. friendlyflow says:

    dat koor

  10. Teresa Guinea says:

    rock that beat and tell us how much is the fish what shall we drink now after we do all of that????

  11. MrJuppia says:

    When people speak their dialects in Dutch (or at least in the East of the Netherlands) they also speak ‘plat’ :)

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