Box of Yahoo! Cupcakes

Box of Yahoo! Cupcakes

Image by clevercupcakes
Part of an order from Yahoo! Canada. Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Vanilla Buttercream and handmade fondant Yahoo! logos and Yahoo! Messenger emoticons.

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21 Responses to Box of Yahoo! Cupcakes

  1. bearsilber says:

    Awesome!!! You’re too cool for school :)

  2. rosy outlook photography says:

    Don’t tell her that! She has to finish!!! But agreed… very clever. As you were…

  3. lemonholistic says:

    oh god those look awesome!

  4. Meg&Fred says:

    super super super fab!

  5. jdesmeules (Blue Cupcake) says:

    Tu es geniale… Super!

  6. mommawants1more says:

    Congratulations!!! they look great!

  7. abbietabbie says:

    These are amazing!

  8. Dots Treats Cupcakes says:

    great work! congrats on the order!!

  9. Tri_Poodle says:

    Very clever! Excellent work!

  10. clevercupcakes says:

    thanks! the funniest thing about this order is that i had already sent an order of cupcakes from google canada to the same person who was receiving these cupcakes from yahoo canada :)

  11. ☠ Ambjer ☠ says:

    Love these! Even though I don’t really like Yahoo all that much, the cupcakes are still cute!

  12. chipper cupcakes says:

    now we know why you’re called clever 😀

  13. springlakecake says:

    Ya hooo hooo! cute!

  14. TinwhistleSally says:

    oh my gosh! I’m soo sending this to my sister in law at Yahoo! darling.

  15. { Qupcake } says:

    loved it !!! :)

  16. jules_cupcakes says:

    Sooo cute Clever! I work for Y! in the states & bring in cupcakes all the time – but never like these! :) Very cool!

  17. meidi_perwadi says:

    Nice job……. I took it for my T-Shirt……. Great……..

  18. AussieGold says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Yahoo! Offices, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  19. Sara-Cupcake says:

    Great Job! Please check out my blog at Thanks! I’m only 13!

  20. carlj10 says:

    awesome this person is a great artist

  21. 54StorminWillyGJ54 says:

    looks awesome!

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