Brain Scans Predict Treatment Outcome in Depression Patients

Brain Scans Predict Treatment Outcome in Depression Patients
Psychiatrists would prefer a biomarker that could be determined by a simple method such as a blood test rather than a PET scan, which can be inconvenient for doctors without easy access to the technology. And, costing up to US$ 2,000 a time, the scans …
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Technology Helps Fremont Neighbors Stay Safe
Neighborhoods using technology to help keep their streets safe is not unique to the Bay Area, but in one neighborhood it's not only helping to detour crime, it's helping deter it. Jodi Hernandez reports. Technology Helps Fremont Neighbors… Link …
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'Self-cleaning' pollution-control technology could do more harm than good
June 13, 2013 — Research by Indiana University environmental scientists shows that air-pollution-removal technology used in "self-cleaning" paints and building surfaces may actually cause more problems than they solve.
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