Brain Teaser Mental Puzzles With A Nerd

Here is a very detailed step by step guide on how to complete those annoying brain teaser mental puzzles. Try and find me on twitter and Facebook (LOL) Like subscribe and comment! Watch out for more videos

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12 Responses to Brain Teaser Mental Puzzles With A Nerd

  1. Alex Robinson says:

    Leo spelt view wrong

  2. davrosone1 says:

    He means all his videos added together equals 1000 voews, duh!

  3. jenni wang says:

    1000 views?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! its 17

  4. MEGACLANZ2 says:

    Hey check out my new video

  5. YWSBIWGYSB says:

    1,000 VIEWS THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!

  6. YWSBIWGYSB says:

    there is dan im gonna upload it in a few minutes trust me

  7. Idontgiveafock1 says:

    no beefy Q+A today :-C

  8. YWSBIWGYSB says:

    I am making my second my beefy Q&A today

  9. jenni wang says:

    1:54 you were like 8D

  10. jenni wang says:

    1:36 lol

  11. YWSBIWGYSB says:


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