Bramblett shows off 'Bright Spots'

Bramblett shows off 'Bright Spots'
Local youngsters Kick the Robot open as well. Lots of parents are buzzing about these kids. $ 13. … Well, you should go for the inventive cocktail menu, and also for all the free entertainment. Of the dozen or more events planned in the month of May …
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Adulting Tips from Kelly Williams Brown
A TV adaptation is in the works with J. J. Abrams's famed production company, Bad Robot. And along the … When I met with Bad Robot in la, J. J. Abrams was saying that one of his favorite sitcoms of all time was The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He just …
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3 Concerns About IVR That Shouldn't Be Concerns
Your customers don't have to talk to a robot, silly! That's one of the best parts about IVR—you can record your menu in your own voice so that your customers never deal with anyone other than you. It's easy to setup an IVR: you can use your own phone …
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