Brand New & Special Holiday Priced Day Planning App Called iPlaniShare for iPhone Developed by NutriSoft Apps LTD.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) December 31, 2014

What is your daily resolution? Accomplish it all – by planning it all. #iPlaniShare

December 31, 2014, Available now (for a special early release price for the holiday season) the brand-new iPlaniShare Digital organizer app for iPhone and iPad. iPlaniShare is an all-in-one life organizational tool. The digital planner concept has been taken to a new level by introducing the ability to share all or part of the user’s Calendar, ToDos, and Lists with other iPlaniShare designated friends, family or co-workers. This feature is fantastic for busy families and small businesses. iPlaniShare can help ensure everyone is on the same page. How great is that!?

iPlaniShare seamlessly connects to iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook Email so there is no need to re-enter information. With one glance the user can view all categories and quickly do tasking. The reason test users are falling in love with iPlaniShare is the ability to not only view shared calendars but when linked with any of the the user’s friends and family, the user can quickly tap on a shared appointment and add it their day! Then all collaborators initials will appear next to the entry. This feature can be utilized to get groups of friends together for a movie, or an entire department on board for important meetings. Helping to cut down on back & forth emails and texts messaging to set-up plans.

iPlaniShare has created the Slider feature to make planning as fast as possible. With just two fingers the Slider allows the user to glide any task from the tool bar to the daily calendar then then expand it with two fingers to the proper duration. Once a task is planned add a reminder alert or continue planning. iPlaniShare has been meticulously developed to be an all-in-one day planner and life organizer for the iPhone and iPad. The design was created to be clean and uncluttered. The company wanted to give the planner a stress free color palette.

Why iPlaniShare App and why do day planning at all?

By compartmentalizing different goals and tasks each day iPlaniShare helps clarify what the user desires out of that day in just a few minutes. iPlaniShare also provokes motivation. Through regularly reviewing entered goals and ToDos beta test users, after one month, reported the feeling of momentum towards making the next most important step to reaching specific goals.

Think of iPlaniShare as pocket “life-filter.” Because each day brings new distractions but also opportunity, relying on your iPlaniShare Day Planner makes focusing and placing the most important and relevant events into your life first much easier.

By maintaining just 5 iPlaniShare categories, users will begin to see how their time and money is being spent. iPlaniShare provides everyone with a easy to use system to view progress and reflect on the mile markers that have led to completing projects/goals. The satisfaction of crossing off an attained goal is priceless. The company wants to give that satisfaction to all users.

The iPlaniShare Digital Day Planner & Organizer is available for FREE for a limited time in the iTunes App Store US and worldwide.

The company is 100% committed to upgrading and making this the best digital planner for iPhone on the market. We welcome constructive feedback! Thank you.

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