Brand With Success, Establishing Independence With Your Brand, A New Released Book

Belleville, MI (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

Imagine a book so enlightening that it shows its readers how to build a powerful brand identity and stand out from the thousands of competitors in their industry. With all of the competition online business owners face, its no wonder why entrepreneurs struggle to connect with their target audience. This Independence Day, July 4th 2014, Nicole Martin-Bender, owner of Success With Nicole, is launching a book, Brand With Success, Establishing Independence with Your Brand. This book will show its readers how to brand with excellence, using the latest Social Media and Public Relations strategies. As a special Pre-Independence Day offer, Nicole is offering her Amazon Kindle book free only from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. on July 3, 2014, regular price is 8.99.

Research has shown that online visitors will only stay on a website for about 10 seconds, before they leave, without making a connection. That does not give online business owners very long to make a lasting impression. In Martin-Benders book, she shows her readers how to make that captivating first impression that gives their target audience reasons to stay on their website longer and connect.

As an online business owner, Martin-Bender was once one of the many entrepreneurs that struggled with connecting with her target audience. Tired of being ignored by her target market, Martin-Bender came up with a unique branding strategy to help her establish a stronger connection with them. This strategy is revealed in her upcoming book, Brand With Success.

In this book, Martin-Bender shows her readers how to effectively brand their business with up-to-date Public Relations tactics and Social Media Marketing. Unlike other Marketing and Social Media books, it shows everything that goes into having a success business brand and personal brand. Showing the importance of branding, and how to effectively use social media, online marketing, and PR.

Branding your business is an ongoing process, no matter how successful you are in your field, you should always focus on building your brand, this will help you brand with excellence. -Nicole Martin-Bender

Go to, for more information on purchasing a copy of Brand With Success, and learn the best way to get success and to stand out from others online entrepreneurs, ultimately building a stronger connection with your target audience.

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