Brave New Nano: Flexible phones & graphene gadgets in RT’s Technology Update

What exactly is ‘nano’? It’s become a buzzword, spawning many gimmicky products over the recent years, but what role will the real nano technology play in our lives? From smart metro tickets to futuristic flexible electronics, RT’s Technology Update’s got the future covered. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
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22 thoughts on “Brave New Nano: Flexible phones & graphene gadgets in RT’s Technology Update

  1. Meds are killing you slowly just like packaged food. Look up aspartame & you’ll see the wonderful food that you eat does terrible things to you. The reason why people will find it hard to live in a cave is because people are already exposed to lazy technology. If this technology that this video shows comes true, then the world will fall into a dumb & lazy society. What happens when the power goes out? What will you do then? Everybody will go crazy. What kind of world is this becoming?

  2. technology is neutral, its ppl whose bad. and i dont think ud like to live in cave. surviving in wilderness is far more harder than you ever think,. trust me on this. in the end of the day you take meds, eat packaged food, use ur computer and phone, own a bank account, take all that away see how u will survive…

  3. Living in a ‘cave’ would be more safer than giving all your freedom to a stupid chip that can monitor everything you do so you will never be free. You should probably stop believing what the people on tv say.

  4. (P2/2) – It pains me to see how uneducated the majority of this species is when an UNFATHOMABLE amount of knowledge and understanding is at the tips of your fingers in a device that can fit in your pocket if you just learn how to use it properly, the majority is a doomed subspecies who somehow find it enjoyable to live in a cave, in a world that’s doomed to shrivel up in its own death, if it’s not going to be actively destroyed.

  5. (P1/2) Sadly humankind is becoming too intelligent for the claim *Not believing this PROVES that it’s true, THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND!!!* If this had any bearing on reality outside of ones own imagination then I could simply state the same thing about you getting probed every second of your entire existence by trillions and trillions of aliens the size of the universe, and it would be so, obviously it isn’t, don’t start something you can’t even cope to make a single valid point. –

  6. The mark of the beast is more than just a mere figure, comprised of three digits. Neither is it an implant or a tattoo, nor technology itself. The actual mark is the heartfelt desire to compete with the Lord… to controle material nature (His energy) by artificial means and to enjoy the results seperate from Him. …Denying His existence is just part of the scheme. Now consider and judge how deep the mark of the beast is engraved in your heart?

  7. *The beast* has done more good for mankind through the power OF mankind then your god could have ever even fathomed in the past 10 thousand years, compared to even but only 100 years. Go back to the caves and allow us to live as gods.

  8. if you think technology is “the Beast” then go right ahead and throw your computer in the garbage, as well as your telephone, car, microwave, and anything else electronic, and go live out on a prairie somewhere. douche.

  9. Yeah, I want to return to the “good old days” without medicines, motor vehicles, air conditioning and plentiful food. In those nice times the only thing that mattered was brute power. Don’t forget the perpetual ills of disease due to lack of sanitation (technology) or healthy food or vaccinations. Sounds fun

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