BRAVEROBOTICS 1/12 scale Transform Robot Version7.2

10 years history
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to BRAVEROBOTICS 1/12 scale Transform Robot Version7.2

  1. dijsugdrtggi3684 says:

    Very agile

  2. tsuba666 says:

    50 years you said ? enough time for me to make my fortune….I want Bumblebee! o/

  3. D M says:

    чувак старался)))

  4. João Miguel says:

    Very cool. but please… Change the annoying music,,,

  5. larubiachapela2 says:

    El Videoconferencia esta genial

  6. Ryuuken24 says:

    Transformer FAIL!

  7. rifaldi fadilah says:

    jadi pengen beli

  8. hieu12344 says:

    Wow Awesome!!

  9. david allain says:

    i want juste say “RESPECT”O-O

  10. MendigoLouco says:

    Way more helpful than your comment.

  11. rob45645 says:

    This is so helpful to humanity…

  12. anginu says:


  13. WatchThe Pony says:

    hey! we have chosen your video as one of our today’s choices on WatchThePony dotcom Congratulations!

  14. kjs633367 says:

    세상 기술이 좋아졌네 근데 한화로 2천600만원이라는 ㅠㅠ

  15. Skagerfull says:

    I love it

  16. Josh Hasselhoff says:

    if walking was better this thing would be the coolest thing ever

  17. retardedhampstersgrl says:

    Shut up and take my money

  18. eatmesoftly says:

    no problem. I believe I do. Thank you very much

  19. hellven89 says:

    sorry for my bad English, hope you get my idea :(

  20. hellven89 says:

    …Something for e.g when you lift 1kg, your arm biceps actually have to life >5kg because they are pulling the bone at its head, thus it’s actually the “lever rule”. A simple muscle imagine a motor, to make it strong enough to pull 5kg at a few miles/h, and it is small enough to be installed into the robot’s arm, it is hard…. (I know they are improving day after day)

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