22 Replies to “Breaking News: Google Hacked & Hijacked by Hackers! (Lizard Squad Hack Google Vietnam)”

  1. Why were the lizard squad not jailed why is everyone so fucking nice nowadays they take 325 thousand dollars worth of vouchers and they don’t get arrested they take down Facebook and all they still don’t get arrested they take down xbl and PS3 oh wait I don’t see that against they’re rules oh so they still don’t go to jail fucking

  2. He is not the same as the most beautiful girl in the first time since I’ve never been to a new phone case and I don’t think I’m going to be the same thing over and over again I have a great way to get my nails done today and it is the only thing that I don’t think I’m going to be able to do with my life and death in the morning and I’m still not sure what the actual website is. Ps, this was all typed using that weird iOS 8 predictive keyboard thing.

  3. They will not just fuck off seriously, they have gone way to far from the start and me and plenty of others are so tired of it, they need to be cracked down on more my department of homeland security.

  4. haha I’m curious to why these cunts are not using this for profit and helping to find all this Isis shit and what not instead of pulling down xbox, and playstation servers for a few hours 

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