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This is my first video blog. All of my prior blog posts about content marketing and monetizing a website are at Thanks for watching, B…

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13 Responses to Brian Newmark Content Marketing Video Blog

  1. Brian Newmark says:

    Thanks for watching my Content Marketing Blog Video. For more visit my blog

  2. Adam Felch says:

    Very impressive video. The fact that it it direct and to the point is much appreciated. The last thing anyone wants to watch is a 5 min video in which you can boil down in a concise manner in 1:20 is fantastic.

  3. Marcy Arianna says:

    Thank you for the helpful info Brian Newmark! Knowledge is power, and power is knowledge.

  4. George Keating says:

    Great video blog Brian Newmark. It really boils down the information on your website well in a nice graphic presentation.

  5. Ariel Leather says:

    Brian Newmark provides some great insight here – I can’t wait to try this tips for my Etsy business. Thanks for the video!

  6. Hannah David says:

    Thanks Brian Newmark, this is great!!

  7. Sagun Gurung says:


  8. bishal roka says:

    i like this video 

  9. Himal Bhattrai says:

    Brian Newmark

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