Bring Home the Bacon (and eggs!): America Wants a Savory Breakfast and Most Have Never Had Breakfast in Bed

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) April 23, 2013, the webs largest lifestyle site for women, and PARADE, the most widely read magazine in America, today announced the exclusive results from their What America Eats survey in which nearly 4,000 women and men were polled to give their opinions on breakfast habits, quirks and choices. Surprisingly, among the variety in survey results, findings show that most Americans have never had breakfast in bed. What better time than now for families to step up this Mothers Day and give mom something extra special!

We were surprised to find that so many people have never enjoyed the luxury and comfort of breakfast in bed. This provides a fantastic opportunity for families to give Mom a very special breakfast time treat, said Christina Haller, food editor. We are offering some great menu suggestions, recipes and tips on our website to give mom a very special Mothers Day breakfast in bed this May 12th.

The survey also found that despite busy lives, most Americans never skip breakfast, and the vast majority (77%) enjoy their morning meal at home with almost half brewing their own coffee with a standard coffee maker, 18% using a single-serve machine such as a Keurig, and only 6% buying their morning cup of joe not exactly what the usual morning line at Starbucks indicates!

In addition, if health and money were no object, the majority would prefer to enjoy a basic, hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast every morning for the rest of their lives over even the most lavish and delectable of optionsincluding a giant, gooey cinnamon roll and lobster eggs benedict. The exception? Those surveyed under the age of 17 preferred a breakfast loaded with as much sweetness as possible.

Were excited to see that despite the a.m. rush, a significant portion of Americans make time to eat breakfast at home, and 47% do so while reading the morning paper, said Shannon McCook, food editor. It also made our inner child smile to see the majority of those surveyed under the age of 17 still read the back of the cereal box.

Eggs and bacon aside, Americans sure are nostalgic for Frosted Flakes

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