25 Replies to “Bring Me The Horizon – Chelsea Smile (Exclusive Performance Yahoo! Music)”

  1. Holy shit. The things he does for his fans and his band. I can hear his vocal breaking apart with every struggle of a scream and growl. Poor guy… we love ya ollie. Thank god ur better now. (Yes ik he’s atheist but I’m not so i say thank god and holy shit i probably just started a religious war. 

  2. I fucking love this song! I just love this band! But the studio sound sounds way different! But I have to say Lee is so fucking sexy in this video! Lee Malia fangirl for life! and BMTH fan/ fangirl for life!

  3. I’ve been with oliver since 2004 and man all I can say is say the fucking lyrics. The thing that would annoy me is at the breakdown I was saying repent repent, but then he wouldn’t say the end is now, if you’re not going to sing your lyrics than fucking quit the band buisness and stop moaning out your lyrics like it was lame to be there.

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