Bring Me The Horizon – Chelsea Smile (Exclusive Performance Yahoo! Music)

Bring Me The Horizon - Chelsea Smile (Exclusive Performance Yahoo! Music)

I do not have any ownership or claims on this video. This video belongs to Bring Me The Horizon and Yahoo Music.

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25 Responses to Bring Me The Horizon – Chelsea Smile (Exclusive Performance Yahoo! Music)

  1. Leila T says:

    awe, singing like this is hard as fuck so people need to stop being so rude

  2. Sephiroth Kuchiki says:

    +Ombeline Guillemin ^^

  3. Tony says:

    Holy shit. The things he does for his fans and his band. I can hear his vocal breaking apart with every struggle of a scream and growl. Poor guy… we love ya ollie. Thank god ur better now. (Yes ik he’s atheist but I’m not so i say thank god and holy shit i probably just started a religious war. 

  4. TOObusyskatingMEDIA2 says:

    he had an amazing voice in here

  5. Nina Kroupa says:

    I fucking love this song! I just love this band! But the studio sound sounds way different! But I have to say Lee is so fucking sexy in this video! Lee Malia fangirl for life! and BMTH fan/ fangirl for life!

  6. parkwaydrive17 says:

    From Count your Blessings through to Sempiternal, what a change! Love em the whole way through. 

  7. Elijah Delacruz says:

    At 1:14 it looks like Oli is playing the drums lmao 

  8. Casey Savage says:

    Lol I like how he says “this is retarded, I wanna leave” as the opening line. 

  9. Oliney McSykes says:

    Lol! He is so adorable “I’ve got a sore throat!” XD.. I wove dis song!!! Hope y’all go to warped tour this year!!! m/ -Sydney Sykes

  10. kennethul22 says:

    Dont understand why people think that his vocals are bad here, i like it this way m/

  11. Nick Davis says:

    I’ve been with oliver since 2004 and man all I can say is say the fucking lyrics. The thing that would annoy me is at the breakdown I was saying repent repent, but then he wouldn’t say the end is now, if you’re not going to sing your lyrics than fucking quit the band buisness and stop moaning out your lyrics like it was lame to be there.

  12. vito smolka says:

    XD “I’ve got a soar throat!” oh oli

  13. Amanda Reynolds says:

  14. Filip Stamenkovic says:

    His Voice is hell

  15. Dark Chaotic NItemare says:

    He’s still got it. He will always still have it. Cx

  16. JamesScreams says:

    1:26 I’ve got a sore throat xD 

  17. Die Slow says:

    1:25, 1:35 the best – “I’ve got a sore throat!”

  18. Rifqi Muttaqin says:

    hey oli, your shoes look like strange

  19. diaz fadhillah says:

    stop hurting your voice oli -_-

  20. Nicovers SG says:

    That’s how I sounded when I was sick.. It sounds cool but it’s hella painful and ruins your voice

  21. Fabian Herzog says:

    He screams wrong

  22. karel verhestraeten says:

    ahhhh back in the days when BMTH was still awesome ..

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