Bring Me The Horizon – Crucify Me (Exclusive Performance Yahoo! Music)

I do not have any ownership or claims on this video. This video belongs to Bring Me The Horizon and Yahoo Music.

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13 Responses to Bring Me The Horizon – Crucify Me (Exclusive Performance Yahoo! Music)

  1. Onekubb says:

    no, i ment, who actually cares as in, No1 does! U said it so mabay u were the smartass that does xD

  2. Jon3718 says:

    why does Oli look like he just took an oxy before going on stage?

  3. Alex Mars says:

    you need Baphomet in your life

  4. cometastro123 says:

    People need to believe in themselves and not something/someone they have never seen before.

  5. cometastro123 says:

    I’m Adopted? D;

  6. NilsonWHG says:

    ouh my god there live so bad ._.

  7. Kristoffer Krogh says:

    Piss off, lol

  8. raelene chan says:

    back to 360p

  9. weefween . says:

    Fuck your faith

  10. ThePolution says:

    5:40 thats me after everysong i play when i am playing live haha

  11. Pitmen666 says:

    me: why do you listen to THIS music? you: 0:00 – 6:21 ! me: awesome!

  12. BestTechnoMixes says:

    Sure, oh and let me guess, you believe in Santa Claus as well right?

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