Bring the Vote to the People

Bring the Vote to the People
Originally created to reflect proportional representation of the people of the United States, it is the chamber most amenable to be replaced by a popular vote. In fact, if congressional elections were decided on popular vote, the Democrats would have …
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This Word Can Get You Sued and Other Fascinating News on the Web
On the other side you've got Chobani, the makers of the wildly popular Greek yogurt and proud owners of a new tagline: How Matters. As the NYT's Jonathan Mahler explains, “there have been trademark lawsuits over plenty of common words — 'pure' or …
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Markdown throwdown: what happens when FOSS software gets corporate
Gruber had just started writing and quickly realized that the article-as-a-fragment-of-HTML model that most publishing systems used at the time was lacking. Like most of us, Gruber wanted to edit and preview his writing in … In the …
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