BRINK – Agents of Change BRINK DLC … More videos? What say you?

BRINK - Agents of Change BRINK DLC ... More videos? What say you?

My very first impressions of post DLC BRINK. TWITTER (Follow) STEAM GROUP (Join) FACEBOOK (Like)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to BRINK – Agents of Change BRINK DLC … More videos? What say you?

  1. thepersonofpeeps says:

    I dont have this dlc but at level 20 it said i unlocked these, and i also wasn’t able to use them anyways…. wtf

  2. PaintballSkychaser says:

    I love this game. I still play it and have as much fun as I had the first day it came out. <3 Brink

  3. idapwner says:

    I don’t get why some people don’t like this game

  4. AeroAtlas says:

    Brink is actually a great game. I had it since release and still play it to this day. Give it a try.

  5. AeroAtlas says:

    Brink is awesome man

  6. Nick Dick says:

    How can i get that DLC?:s

  7. zacko320 says:

    @pompanikle wow you need to die

  8. venom82965 says:

    stop judjing the game so harshly i have it and i love it screw COD the PARKOUR system just makes this game epic

  9. Papi4av2 says:

    More brink pls

  10. Papi4av2 says:

    More Brink pls

  11. Lucian616TehGamahr says:

    u should do character creation vids, where u like expiriment with clothes an make up badass avatars i see barely any of these on youtube, i see tut’s explainin character creation, but no character creation vids

  12. robust DEFG says:


  13. Adrian Rivas says:

    I love this game

  14. NAVICAKES182 says:

    O: oooh, TY! i think i’ll do that once i get some more monies saved up! 😀 tyvm for the help 😀

  15. unc3unc3unc3baby says:

    alsooooooo…………if you don’t have knowledge in picking your own parts to a computer you might want to use a website called cyber power pc and pick a cheaper computer they have on their and then upgrade the GFX card and Power supply

  16. unc3unc3unc3baby says:

    also you might need to change mother boards as well depending on what kind of connector you have on it…as graphics cards do need certain number PIN connectors

  17. NAVICAKES182 says:

    X.x ouch lol, well i better get saving Dx

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