Brink – Agents of Change DLC Achievements

Brownman and Michael climb into the window of the new Brink DLC “Agents of Change” and pick up the “A burning Thing” “Remote Control” “Pyromancer” and “Mutual Support” achievements. Scandalous!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Brink – Agents of Change DLC Achievements

  1. SmileyCirrusOz says:

    brink was OK, but it had less content then Quake Wars. and thats saying something.

  2. OutdoorMoney70 says:

    because he’s badass

  3. The Super Floor Mat says:

    free dlc? cool

  4. wildoy123 says:

    The actual last!

  5. imaskater3297 says:


  6. GhostWarrior321 says:

    knowing that Brownman is Ray kind of screwed the vid for me

  7. DressedWings says:

    What? MW3 is terrible!

  8. xSouthParkFTWx says:

    He really isn’t…

  9. Corey Clark says:

    Why is Ray so fucking funny?

  10. Patricia Trujillo says:

    ha look at the tags

  11. bordje123 says:

    This is first time Michael has laughed ever and this video monuments the start of the Richael bromance.

  12. MrDjay619 says:

    A Sybian /ˈsɪbiən/, or Sybian saddle, is a masturbation device designed for use by females, developed by dance instructor Dave Lampert in the 1980s. WIKIPEDIA!

  13. duneman9 says:

    I just placed the field regen unit exactly on the spawn point so when three of my teammates spawned they all got buffed 😀

  14. lugg3r999 says:

    they asked me to skip mw3 ad… yea fucking right

  15. markanderson1988 says:

    nope, 800points now

  16. Martin Meza says:

    it still free? because yes i still play brink

  17. GoldeneyeMarine says:

    I really liked this game but it became unplayable for the Lag.

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