“Britain’s Most Talented Pets” Swedish Vallhund Lady

Swedish Vallhund Lady doing tricks Details of how Sally teaches these tricks can be seen on www.naturallyhappydogs.com
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22 Responses to “Britain’s Most Talented Pets” Swedish Vallhund Lady

  1. NaturallyHappyDogs says:

    she was about 8 then

  2. TheSarpkaya says:

    how old is she 

  3. judoisoww says:

    I’ve always been a dog lover but hadn’t heard of this species until my mate got one a few weeks ago and i absolutely adore them. I think i shall get one when my old dog eventually passes

  4. ADeviatedSeptum says:

    They are actually believed to be older than Corgis.

  5. EllieMaeD5 says:

    She is so clever! We have a 4 yr old Swedish Vallhund, Dexter, but he’s a nusicance! Well, not a nusicance, but not smart ! lol

  6. toripinkpurple5 says:

    Awwwww this is soo cute

  7. sal2612 says:

    Hi there, Thank you for your comments, however I actually train dogs for film and TV work and with that kind of training – you often need the dog to be allowed to have what it has been leaving. Imagine a dog food advert where the dog sits and looks at a bowl of dog food – then moves forward to eat it. It would be a little silly to have the dog leave a bowl of dog food, then go to the handler to collect a different piece!

  8. Elvira Asylguzhina says:

    If you’re the one who trains this dog, I would just like to let you know the following: If you’re teaching your dog “NOT to get” something, then don’t reward it by giving it the same thing. Reward it with giving the dog something different. This better applies to big dogs, so they don’t attack, but just an FYI.

  9. spidergal777 says:

    looks like they’ve cross bred a corgi with a german shepherd 😀

  10. DippShits says:

    Normally I like big dogs but these almost look like mini wolves!

  11. Chase Proctor says:

    how old is the dog ???

  12. mapleblox says:

    also know as the “viking dog.”

  13. mapleblox says:

    They are.

  14. dooggyloover says:

    u r a great trainer, love her face expression when she looks at u!! My female looks like urs but instead of the black on the chest, its white. she is 15 inches to the withers and 38 lbs. her name is Frost. how much does urs wiegh?

  15. stupidstickanimation says:

    i wish i could teachmy vallhund tricks but he’s to timid…

  16. stupidstickanimation says:

    they where the predecessor of the corgi.

  17. Roxanna Turner says:

    i have a dog that looks just like a swedish vallhnud but with longer legs anyclue what breed?

  18. TheDvabel says:

    Lockimus They must be related to the pembroke welsh corgi.

  19. Warchief2009 says:

    Wow. Great Job! How did you learn your dog all that?! Maybe when I gets a dog, I could teach it some of those things too?

  20. Gregd8888 says:

    Wow thats a smart dog, must’ve taken a long time to train it

  21. julia C says:

    SOOO Cute and smart!! Thanks for the upload!

  22. OMGyayy says:

    That’s one talented dog you have there!

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