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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Bro Team – Best Of 2012 (Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 3, DayZ, AC3)

  1. Alekos Tsiam says:

    The music on drugs at the end gets me every time

  2. DnosSFS says:

    ohh kinda wish i didnt watch this today. now i have to go and watch EVERY bro team video……..wait, that’s not a bad thing

  3. poweroutage93 says:

    “Can you handle it!?!?” or “Can you fuckin’ handle it!?!?” needs to be a shirt. plz, id buy 5 or more XD

  4. TheFuriousShovel says:

    More like an orangutan fucking dick milion!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. TheCasual GamersLounge says:

    check out the casual gamers lounge – we’re giving away dota 2 keys too!!

  6. IceIsNice286 says:

    It just ain’t a Bro Team vid without some SEWEEEEERS

  7. FoolYourself says:

    Good job on your new video bro team. It’s so new and full of new things I’ve never ever seen before in my whole new born death machinima dick sucking marathon

  8. MasturbatorChief says:


  9. Tom07061 says:

    Bro Team

  10. timothy evans says:

    anybody not shooting at what im shooting at becomes what im shooting at

  11. mokeyangel says:


  12. MrImachickenlol says:


  13. Nox210 says:

    Here’s to another fucking year of ORB MEAT.

  14. Chuck Lee says:

    P O L S K A to POLSKA

  15. Julie Barks says:

    you tell me why sir /watch?v=k31XHXD043U check this out! its so funny cant stop laughing kenny hotz

  16. GamingTaylor says:

    Why do gamers feel the need to curse so much?! It’s a video game.

  17. Almira Osmanovic Thunstrom says:

    “Everyone not shooting at, what I’m shooting at becomes what I’m shooting at” 3:00

  18. Ivan Pedersen says:

    … …. ….. Day Z…. …. …. jesus christ

  19. Barrel King says:

    FUCKIN’…. Ghost.. UUUUHH!!!

  20. VirtualGameBr says:

    SUB 4 SUB

  21. idunnoMYnam3 says:

    Arma 2

  22. Fuß Schweiß says:

    I’ll give you a little help on how to figure things out yourself. regardless that i already knew the game, i just had to type ‘debug monitor’ on google to find out. you find it on the upper right hand when you pause and expand the screen at the said time. glad to be able to help you. and for further questions: justfuckinggoogleit . com

  23. TheBackfiringVirus says:

    New years 10/10 would celebrate again.

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