Broadcast Interviews for Public Relations

Broadcast Interviews for Public Relations
Event on 2012-11-30 14:30:00

Developments in Internet content mean that audio and video interviews are much more commonly demanded by the media than they once were. No longer are such skills only required for TV and radio media, but increasingly for online media.


The skills and know-how are much for traditional broadcast and online audio and video are largely the same, but whereas radio and TV would often be rare for most interviewees, now such skills are fundamental to day-to-day public relations practice.


This session covers typical formats of audio, video and traditional broadcast interviews; how to prepare for radio / audio and TV / video interviews; things to do, and things to avoid.


The session will be of benefit if you:  

  • are new to the industry or want to enter the public relations profession
  • need or want to manage public relations employees or agencies, to get the most effective and efficient results from public relations activity
  • want to conduct public relations for your own business
  • want to understand how public relations consultants work
  • want to understand the public relations industry
  • are a client of a public relations agencies that wants to understand what public relations agencies do – or should be doing
  • are a public relations practitioner whether at an agency, in-house or freelance, and you want to review and refresh fundamentals of public relations practice, or receive a different perspective.  

This session is an excert from Parker, Wayne & Kent's bespoke, full-day executive media training courses. You can see a video of such below.  

at Parker, Wayne
Holloway, United Kingdom

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